Amy Myhill

Amy incorporates a wide range of comfortable treatment techniques including yoga-like stretches, joint mobilisation and home management programs. After working as a remedial massage therapist she moved into osteopathy in 2000 and has practiced in Australia since 2007. Her current clinical interest lies particularly in Visceral (organ) Osteopathy which has been the focus of her post graduate studies.

Amy has a caring attentive approach and enjoys working with complex physical patterns.

Vincent Reyland

Vincent attained a master of Osteopathy and a Bachelor of Applied Science from Unitec Institute of Technology in New Zealand. His treatment style investigates causality of injury and aims to prevent recurrence of injury not only with a structural and mechanical osteopathic approach, but by also providing clients with the knowledge they require to further maintain their wellbeing at home.

With an extensive rugby and softball background, he has a keen interest in sports performance, injury prevention and rehabilitation. This was reflected in his research, where he worked with a Super Rugby franchise, analysing dysfunctional movement patterns and their potential to lead to the development of injury.

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