COVID-19 updates

Clinic Update: 20th January, 2021

Happy New Year everyone! 

Moving through 2021 our operating hours remain 8am – 6pm.  As always, everyone’s health and safety are our highest priority. We have a COVID-safe plan and ask anyone experiencing any cold or flu-like symptoms, or who have recently travelled to known public exposure sites, to reschedule their appointment and remain at home until they have received a negative COVID test result.

On January 1st new regulations were rolled out across NSW.  Every business is required to have their own QR code for clients to check in electronically.  For this reason all clients are encouraged to attend with their phone. If you do not have a phone please notify one of our team and we will note your time of entry and exit. We have also been helping many of our clients to load the Services NSW App onto their phones, ensuring they are confident checking themselves into and out of the clinic. All part of the friendly service around here 😉 

 Current clinic protocols are:

  – Using your mobile device to check in using the Services NSW App and QR code. Our staff are required to check this has been done so please don’t be offended if we ask.

 – Sanitise or wash your hands on entry to the clinic.

 – Practice ‘physical’ distancing.


 Todays friendly advice: Practice kindness and empathy. Everyone has their own story to tell.

 – The Freeform Team

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Clinic Update: 30th March, 2020

As an Allied Health clinic, we are still operating our regular hours 8am – 6pm. However, with the further restrictions in social distancing and self-isolation, we have implemented the following protocols for essential treatments during this COVID-19 isolation in order to keep our client’s and our team’s health as the highest priority. We ask that you follow these protocols when attending the clinic:

 – Think about whether your treatment is justified as essential to the breach of self-isolation.

 – Please remove your jewellery (necklaces, watches, rings) before entering the clinic.

 – Wait in your car before your treatment. We will send you a text message or call you to advise your practitioner is ready.

 – Sanitise or wash your hands on entry to the clinic.

 – While we understand it may be inconvenient to some, we will not be accepting cash for the moment, only EFTPOS.

 – Adults please attend clinical treatments alone.

 – No children under 16 years can attend unless they are being treated, and accompanied by one caregiver as per our usual policy.

 – Our massage therapists are remedially trained and will be available for treatments on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

 – Elizabeth’s Aromatherapy massage is currently suspended under the current regulations, but she is still offering Lymphoedema treatments.

 – Our Yoga and Tai Chi classes have also been suspended, but Kate Smith is live streaming her classes online to help maintain your practice. Click the link to these below:

 Today’s friendly advice: drink lots of warm fluids (tea, coffee, soups etc) regularly.

Stay healthy!

 – The Freeform Team

Keep up with our team on our Facebook page where we are posting regular tips, advice and videos to keep you informed and feeling great at home or work.

Clinic Update: 18th March, 2020

2020 has been challenging so far. While the new reality of COVID-19 can feel frightening and stressful, at Freeform we are practising a calm and compassionate mindset. We choose to see this as an opportunity to slow down and practice kindness. To remember, it’s “physical distancing” NOT “social distancing”. Keep talking, enquire after your neighbours, help the elderly and disabled, and comfort the community.

Within the clinic we are functioning as usual. Though our normal standards of cleanliness are high, we have expanded upon these protocols in our treatment rooms, common areas and yoga studio. We care deeply about the health of our clients and staff, and we’re taking extra steps to ensure that we’re doing our part in maintaining high standards of hygiene and care.

We’re asking all of our clients to consider others by following recommendations from the World Health Organisation to minimise the transference of viruses (washing hands with soap and water, avoid touching the face where possible, etc). We are also asking for clients who have been to public exposure sites to seek advice from health authorities and to inform us of any change in health after visiting with us.

Finally, we are asking you to care for your mind as well as your body.
 – Remember to breathe – oxygen helps to calm our nervous system and supplies the cells with the energy required to function.
Breathing deeply for 5 minutes or more aids the flow of lymph, our body’s toxin removal system, promoting a healthy immune system.
 – Remember to retain your exercise regime – maintain cardiovascular exercise and  practice yoga as tools to support you and your family by relieving stress.
 – Remember to laugh – endorphins are a powerful stress reliever.
 – Remember to go outside – 2 minutes of sunlight is good for the soul and the vitamin D is good for the body.
 – Remember to eat whole foods – for nutrition and to support your immune system.
 – Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate 

Beneath the chaos there is room for harmony and care. We will overcome this challenge and we will be stronger for it.

~ The Freeform Team

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