What is involved during my session?

  • A detailed medical history will be taken. This involves discussing what medication you are taking or whether you’ve sustained any significant injuries or operations.
  • Please bring any imaging such as MRI, CT scans, X-rays or blood test results.
  • You may be asked to remove the top layer of clothing for the physical exam. You are then asked to move or bend so the osteopath can check your posture and mobility.
  • Treatment follows, with discussion about any findings. Your osteopath will endeavour to make the treatment as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.
  • Importantly, in order to treat the whole body, some parts which seem unrelated may be treated. For example if you have shoulder pain your back or your wrist may also be treated.
  • Follow-up analysis to check on progress, home exercises and preventative strategies are then discussed.

Consultation Rates

Effective from 12.03.2018


*All 30mins unless stated Dr. Myhill - Osteopath Dr. Reyland- Osteopath
Initial Consultation 45-60mins $200 $150.00
Standard follow up $115 $100
Pensioner / Student (ID Req) $85 $80
Paediatrics (under 10years) $80 $75
Express check up 15 minutes $65 -
GP Management Program
Referral rebate amount


*Cancellation Fee:
A friendly reminder to consider those who are in pain and waiting on our waiting list.
Please let us know immediately if you cannot make your appointment.
A 50% cancellation fee plus GST will be payable for any appointments missed where no or very little notice was given.