How is the Osteopathy approach different?

*Osteopaths are very thorough in treatment approach

During a session it will often feel like your whole body is treated, moved, stretched and released so that not only the painful area is treated, but also related tissues which have become involved.

*Osteopaths study a full-time, 5 year double-degree at university

During this time we focus on excellence in palpation or 'hands on' skill and biomechanical principles. This means we learn how the soft tissue, nerves, blood flow and joints in the body work together and affect each other.

*The body is assessed and treated as a unit, rather than focusing on a singular part

As well as treating the area of pain here are some added considerations an osteopath might make when treating you:

*If you have pain in your left foot, an osteopath might release tension in your right hip if it is found to be the cause of extra weight bearing in the left leg.

*If you have period pain, an osteopath may improved rib mobility and breathing so that the pressure in the chest cavity is not causing extra pressure in the pelvis.

*If you have wrist pain, an osteopath may move your shoulder, ribs and neck to improve circulation to the whole arm.